Modular Steel Constructions


Modular Steel building

Modular buildings are revolutionizing the way building construction is done. Especially now that traditional construction seems to have hit its ceiling, modular construction is set to take building to the next level.This is especially key for a construction industry that has seen productivity growth of only about 1% a year in the last two decades. Meanwhile, other industries are raking in higher increase, using technology to grow rapidly. Because of this, traditional construction has remained largely inefficient. Fully 57% of its activities are wasteful, leading to higher cost and no added value.

Construction of modules at the plant

The process will usually begin with building the module frame, ending with the interior and exterior finish. So, what you’ll have at the end of the process is a section of the building that is more than 95% complete, almost ready to move into.The activities that will be carried out during this stage include the following:

  • 1.Framing and floors
  • 2.Attaching the walls
  • 3.Installing the roof
  • 4.Interior and exterior finish

Installation of modular units

By the time installation of modules commences, traditional construction will just be about done with the foundation, and that’s hoping there were no weather or vandalism delays. Installation of modules will be done using cranes that will lift individual modules and place them on the prepared foundation. In installation, each module is designed to fit perfectly with the next, either end to end or stacked. So there’s no delay from figuring out how to make them fit. Once each module is on the foundation, the individual components will be seamed together. Utility connections will be made, interior finish smoothed out and exterior additions like decks, ramps or stairs, added. Installation will continue in this manner, module by module, until the entire building is complete.

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