Upvc Roofing


UPVC Roofing

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride) corrugated three layer Roofing sheets. DION is a modern rigid three layer Un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) roofing sheets. The advanced technology of manufacturing ensures superior quality and performance of the roofing product.


uPVC roofs are said to last for a decade or more. It is sturdy and resilient, like any other existing roofing materials. This roofing system does not rot, even if your house or building is located where extreme weather conditions happen from time to time.

Low Maintenance

according to Redline, uPVC roofs never rot, rust, flake, or fade. With that, you can use this roof without having to check it from time to time. uPVC roofs require no maintenance, which makes it very convenient and time-saving for people who have more important tasks to prioritize.


due to its resilience, uPVC roofs are very reliable when it comes to security. Its structure is known to be hard, which makes it extremely difficult to break through or destroy in case if something happens. Aside from doors, roofs should also be strong enough to provide you safety. Situations like robbery or other dangerous circumstances should be prevented as much as possible.


uPVC roofs are formed to be a very competent insulator compared to other materials, such as aluminum. Apart from that, it is known to the best heat and energy insulation compared to others.

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