Solar Mounthng Service


1.Aluminium Solar Mounting system

Aluminium Solar Mounting system uses an all aluminum alloy and is generally beautiful, lightweight and strong. The U-shaped design makes it easy to install, saving time and cost of installing a photovoltaic system. The aluminum surface is anodized, highly resistant to corrosion, and the Solar Mount can ensure a long service life in a hostile environment.

2.Q235/355 hot dip galvanized steel mounting system

Q235/355 hot dip galvanized steel mounting system. The installation angle is wide, and can be installed from 0 to 60 degrees. Unique track, clamp, Q235 steel pipe (outer diameter 60mm hot-dip galvanized), U bolts, pipe caps, spiral piles, etc., can be installed quickly and easily, saving labor costs and installation time.

3.Aluminized Magnesium Zinc Coated Solar Mounting System

Aluminized Magnesium Zinc Coated Solar Mounting System. The main components of the HE-ZM stand are made of aluminum-zinc-zinc-magnesium, which is a new type of high-corrosion-resistant coating. The main coating of the galvanized layer composition is zinc, which consists of zinc and 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and microcrystalline silicon. With strong chlorine resistance (salt/sweat/seawater/sea breeze/soil) and alkali corrosion resistance, it can guarantee no red rust for 20-30 years; magnesium-plated aluminum-zinc plate has good processing performance and can be cold-bent , roll forming, with uniform wall thickness, high cross-section performance, adjustable size, so that the mechanics of steel can be fully utilized.

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